#MedEdChat Transcripts

In October, 2017, the Alliance for Clinical Education became the moderator for the long-running #MedEdChat on Twitter. The chat occurs Thursday nights at 9:00 PM Eastern/NYC.

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This page houses the transcripts from the chats since ACE took over as the moderator.

2018-12-13: New Year’s 2025! What Are the Needs of the Medical Educator?

2018-12-06: Fostering a Mindset of Lifelong Learning

2018-11-29: Navigating Crucial Conversations with Patients: How Are We Training Residents and Students?

2018-11-15: Open Wide: Integrating Oral Health into Medical School Curricula

2018-11-08: Mixed Messages or Miscommunication? Relationship between Assessor’s WBA Scores and Written Comments

2018-10-25: Realizing the Promise of Big Data: Learning Analytics in Competency-Based Medical Education

2018-10-18: Curating Your Medical Education Reading

2018-10-11: Evidence-based Approaches Fostering Wellness

2018-10-04: How Do We Teach Community Engagement to Medical Students?

2018-09-27: Beyond the Boards: Focusing Student Assessment on Knowledge, Skills & Attitudes of Future Physicians

2018-09-13: Evaluation of Faculty by Students

2018-09-06: How Do We Develop the Master Adaptive Learner?

2018-08-30: What Does It Mean to Successfully Develop Faculty?

2018-08-23: External Forces Influencing Medical Education: What Are They & Should We Respond?

2018-08-16: What Basic Clinical Skills Do Medical Students Need Upon Graduation?

2018-08-09: Medical Schools Are From Mars; Residencies Are From Venus

2018-08-02:  Addressing Generational Differences in Medical Education

2018-05-31: The July Effect: Fact or Fiction?

2018-05-24: Meaningful Incorporation of Interprofessional Education

2018-05-17: How Important Is Scholarship in Medical Education?

2018-05-10: Tools & Strategies for Promoting Learner Development across Generations of Learners

2018-05-03: Does Medicine Overemphasize IQ?

2018-04-26: Choosing When to Advise, Mentor, or Coach

2018-04-19: Making Decisions about Students with Disabilities

2018-03-29: What Is the Purpose of Medical School?

2018-03-15:  Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset: How Do We Encourage Growth Mindset?

2018-03-08:  A Circuitous Route: Forces that Shape One’s Identity as a Medical Educator

2018-03-01: Creative Ways to Teach Diversity

2018-02-22: What’s in Your Toolkit as a Medical Education Scholar?

2018-02-15: Can the Senior Year Be Flexible and Educationally Meaningful?

2018-02-08: Managing Depression & Preventing Suicide Among Medical Students

2018-02-01: Teaching Ethics in Clinical Medical Education

2018-01-25: Flexible Paths to Complete Medical School

2018-01-18: Entrustment of Skills on Clinical Clerkships

2018-01-11: Criterion- versus Norm-referenced Examinations

2018-01-04: Teaching Socioeconomic Determinants of Health in Clinical Settings

2019-12-19: Effects of Curricular Integration on Faculty Identity and Institutional Roles

2019-12-12: UME to GME Transition: Who’s Responsible?

2019-12-05:  Making the Invisible Visible: The Inclusion of Context in Medical Education Research

2019-11-21: Strategies to Explore Careers in Medical Education

2019-11-14:  Academic Writing for 2030

2019-10-31: Frights of Medical Education: How Do Medical Educators Ghost Bust?

2019-10-24: Faculty Development 2025

2019-10-17: A Taxonomy of Teachers to Guide Faculty Development Efforts

2019-10-10: To Fit or Not to Fit? Is Socialization in the Medical Profession Undermining Diversity?

2019-10-03: Challenge of Social Justice/Community Service in Medical Education

2019-09-26: The Use of Coaching for Student Development and Wellness

2019-09-19: Applying the Science of Learning to Health Professions Education

2019-09-12: Clean the Refrigerator! With Limited Curricular Time, What’s Gone Sour and What’s a Staple and Fresh?

2019-09-05: Strategies for Successfully Educating Different Generations of Medical Students

2019-08-29: How Valid Are They? Use of Supplemental Resources for USMLE Board Preparation

2019-08-22: You Are a Medical Educator in 2030…

2019-08-15: Peer Mentorship Programs: What Type of Training Is Needed and What Are the Potential Benefits?

2019-08-08: Moving Beyond Honors: Pass-Fail Grading for the Clinical Years

2019-08-01: Designing a Faculty Peer Review Program

2019-05-23: The Rise of Medical Education Podcasts

2019-05-16: Achieving the Quadruple Aim: What Are Medical Educators Doing?

2019-05-09: Adventures in Observation and Feedback from the Pennsylvania ACGME Regional Course

2019-05-02: Educational Climate Inventory: Measuring Students’ Perceptions

2019-04-25: Getting to Yes! Responding to Reviewer Comments

2019-04-18: How Do Academies of Medical Educators Structurally Support Educators?

2019-04-04: Character in Medical Education: What Is It & Why Should It Matter?

2019-03-28: Bias in Testing

2019-03-14: Change Management and the Implementation of Strategic Plans

2019-03-07: Achieving Successful Promotion of Medical Educators: The Role of Educator Portfolios

2019-02-28: Finding Your People in the Digital Age

2019-02-21: Predicting Success in the Clerkships

2019-02-14: Virtual Reality in Medical Education

2019-02-07: Teaching Clinical Reasoning in the Classroom & the Clinic

2019-01-31: Should Step 1 Come after Core Clerkships?

2019-01-24: What Does Learner-Centered Graduate Medical Education Mean?

2019-01-17: Professionalism in OSCEs: Opportunities & Challenges

2019-01-03: How Do We Train Faculty to Teach in a Learner-Centered Environment?

2020-10-29: Virtual Residency Recruitment

2020-10-22: Balancing Patient Safety and Autonomy with Educational Missions

2020-10-15:  Meeting Needs for Students with Disabilities

2020-10-08: Ensuring Medical Students Learn to Address the Opioid Epidemic within BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) Communities

2020-10-01: Lessons from the Pandemic: Re-imagining Clinical Clerkships When Back to “Normal”

2020-09-24: Guiding Students as They Walk Down the Virtual Interview Trail

2020-09-17:  Feedback Seeking: The Faculty Perspective

2020-09-10: The State of Teaching Medical Students about Opioid Use Disorder & Other Substance Abuse Disorders: Successes and Needs

2020-09-03: Microaggressions in Medical Education

2020-08-27: Blending Virtual with Reality in Clerkships

2020-08-20: The Clerkship…Is Virtual Enough?

2020-08-13: Move Over, Bacon! It’s Time for Philosophy in Medical Education!

2020-08-06:  Educating Advocates

2020-06-18:  Diversity and Inclusion in Medical Education

2020-06-16/17:  #MedStudentChat/#MedEdChat: Conversation about Anti-Racism in Medical Education

2020-06-11: Optimizing Resilience & Well-being for Healthcare Professions During a Pandemic

2020-06-04: Effective Evidence-based Medicine Instruction: Defining the Role of the Librarian

2020-05-28:  A New Way of Looking at Competence: Educating the Next Generation Physician

2020-05-14: Feedback Seeking: The Learner Perspective

2020-05-07: Combating Pop Pedagogy

2020-04-30: Innovative Uses of Physical Learning Environments

2020-04-23: Post COVID-19 Re-Orientation Approaches and Strategies

2020-04-16: How to Stay Productive with Your Writing in the COVID-19 Era

2020-04-09: How to Select Virtual Resources for Clerkships

2020-04-02: Lessons Learned from Online Learning (Resources & Guest Host Bio)

2020-03-26: Social Distancing and Work Productivity: What Are Best Strategies?

2020-03-19: Pandemic Impact on GME

2020-03-12:  Online Medical School During Health Crisis

2020-03-05: Forward Feeding in Undergraduate Medical Education

2020-02-27:  How Do We Measure Effectiveness of a Leadership Curriculum

2020-02-20: ‘Unsiloing’ the Psychiatry Clerkship: What Psychiatry Content do Doctors Need to Know?

2020-02-13: Giving Feedback: The Faculty Perspective

2020-02-06: Evaluating Educational Technology

2020-01-30: Understanding the Impact of Journal  Articles on Medical Education Practice (#MedEdImpact)

2020-01-23: Career Advising for the Match

2020-01-16: Faculty Development to Make It Stick

2020-01-09: Assistive Technology to Remove Barriers for Students with Disabilities