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Promoting Excellence in Clinical Medical Student Education

The Alliance for Clinical Education (ACE) is a multidisciplinary group formed in 1992 to enhance clinical instruction of medical students. ACE’s mission is to foster collaboration across specialties in order to promote excellence in clinical education of medical students.

Because ACE represents leaders in education from a broad range of medical specialties, it can play a key role in issues related to multi- and interdisciplinary undergraduate clinical medical education. Please explore this site to learn more about the organization and its activities.

President:  Susan Cox, M.D.
Treasurer:  Katherine Margo, M.D.
Past-President:  Lynn Cleary, M.D.
Executive Director:  Gary L. Beck, Ph.D.

Executive Council

Robert Nesbit, Jr., M.D. (ASE)
John Dalrymple, M.D. (APGO)
David Wald, D.O. (CDEM)
Louis Pangaro, M.D. (CDIM)
Brenda Roman, M.D. (ADMSEP)
Jonathan Carter, M.D. (CNCD)
Bruce Morgenstern, M.D. (COMSEP)
Beat Steiner, M.D. (STFM) 


Upcoming Events

  • ACE 2015 Panel:  Transition to Residency
    • November 10, 2015 - 1:00-2:30 PM
      Baltimore, Maryland


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    ***Reviewed in JAMA 2012, 308(21):2283-2284***

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