ACE Committees

As the Alliance for Clinical Education has become more active, the need for distribution of labor became a necessity.  In 2006, the organization established three committees to facilitate communications, publications and research.

The information below provides more information about each committee as well as the members for each.  For more information about individual committees, please feel free to contact the relevant committee chair, and for information about committees in general please contact the  Executive Director.

Committee Information

Communications Committee

Chair:   Nutan Vaidya, M.D. (ADMSEP)

Description and Activities

This committee facilitates information dissemination from ACE to member organizations and other organizations who impact clinical medical education.

The communications committee developed the quarterly e-bulletin currently being published, which may be viewed in the Publications Page. The committee also identified and solved any logistical concerns and created the Linked-In group for ACE.

  • Jodi Abbott (APGO)
  • David Cheng (CDEM)
  • Rondi Gelbard (ASE)
  • Andrew Hoellein (CDIM)
  • Holli Horak (CNCD)
  • Joanna Kuppy (COMSEP)
  • Bruce Morgenstern (COMSEP)
  • Madhu Soni (CNCD)
  • Beat Steiner (STFM)
  • Robyn Stewart (ASE)
  • Leslie Zun (CDEM)

Publications Committee

Chair:  Scott Graziano, M.D., MS (APGO)


Through ACE’s relationship with Teaching and Learning in Medicine, this committee works with member organizations to publish proceedings of annual meetings and the journal watch feature.

  • Irene Alexandraki (CDIM)
  • Mary Blazek (ADMSEP)
  • Elise Everett (APGO)
  • Paul Ko (CDEM)
  • Peter Muscarella (ASE)
  • Brian Neubauer (CDIM)
  • Adam Quick (CNCD)
  • Deborah Rana (COMSEP)
  • Robert Rogers (CDEM)
  • Rachel Salas (CNCD)
  • Jocelyn Schiller (COMSEP)
  • Adam Wilson (ASE)

Research Committee

Chair:    Sherilyn Smith, M.D. (COMSEP)


ACE has a long history of conducting collaborative research.  This committee will be soliciting research proposals for ACE to pursue. 

If you are interested in collaborating with ACE on a project, please complete the   Working Relationship Form.

  • Sachin Agarwal (CNCD)
  • Jennifer Christner (COMSEP)
  • Jesse Clanton (ASE)
  • Jonathan Fisher (CDEM)
  • Ted Gaeta (CDEM)
  • Bonnie Jortberg (STFM)
  • Beth Liston (CDIM)
  • Helen Morgan (APGO)
  • Yazmin Odia (CNCD)
  • Michael Ryan (COMSEP)
  • John Spollen III (ADMSEP)