Consortium of Neurology Clerkship Directors

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The American Academy of Neurology (AAN) Consortium of Neurology Clerkship Directors provides a forum for the exchange of views on educational matters related to the teaching of clinical neurology to medical students.

The AAN Consortium of Clerkship Directors coordinates activities with the Undergraduate Education Subcommittee of the AAN Education Committee and represents neurology clerkships in ACE and the AAMC Council on Academic Societies.

Annual Meeting

April 13-18, 2024
Denver, Colorado & Online

Provides information to:

  • Help maintain an up-to-date record of basic information concerning neurology clerkships at all American medical schools
  • Foster development of educational materials
  • Encourage the development of a recommended core curriculum and other consensus policies regarding the teaching of clinical neurology to medical students
  • Promote the importance of education as an academic activity


Neurology Education:  A new open access journal focusing on medical education is now available! Read more about it in this document [LINK]!

Safdieh JE, Govindarajan R, Gelb DJ, Odia Y, Soni M. Core curriculum guidelines for a required clinical neurology experience


  Erin Furr-Stimming, M.D.
University of Texas Health Science Center-Houston

 Doris Kung, D.O.
Baylor College of Medicine

 Adam Quick, M.D.
The Ohio State University Wexler Medical Center

 Rachel Salas, M.D.
Johns Hopkins University